Protected Data Yields Happy Customers

At Homeboy Electronics Recycling we routinely help banks, investment firms, and accounting firms securely dispose of their IT assets.

Given the extreme sensitivity of financial data and the associated federal regulations (FACTA, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, etc.), our onsite hard drive shredding service, with a Serialized Certificate of Data Destruction is a popular choice for data destruction.

To help offset this expense, we can refurbish and remarket high value assets such as laptops, servers, and networking equipment after they have been sanitized of all data. We can even recycle ATMs and payment kiosks.

Networks of banks or credit unions may find our mailback kits to be a convenient and cost-effective solution that can be rolled out consistently.


“The financial services industry holds the unflattering title of the most-data breached sector of our economy.”

- Forbes


One of our clients is a hedge fund with $25B in assets under management. They needed to securely dispose of 1,500 mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, etc.) that could contain highly sensitive firm and/or client data. We developed a custom project plan in consultation with their information security officers. Our team went to the client’s offices for four days and dismantled each device to remove all data storage media, which was then shredded under the client’s supervision.