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We are ready and waiting to provide you with electronics recycling pickup and e-waste pickup services for all your electronic assets. We can assist you anywhere in the country and can pick up by the pallet or the truck-load.

Schedule a pickup of ready-to-go material at your dock or request our “white glove” service if you need help moving, packaging, and palletizing equipment. Our project managers are standing by to ensure the consistent and expert execution of the work you need across all your locations.

For extremely sensitive shipments, we offer dedicated trucks, detailed chain of custody tracking, and/or onsite hard drive shredding to provide you with greater peace of mind.

If you require electronics recycling pickup or e-waste pickup service, contact us today.

Homeboy Electronics Recycling offers Pickup Services
We chose Homeboy Electronics Recycling to recycle Information Technology electronic equipment for an entire hospital and they did so professionally and with all the requisite certifications. I continue to use them for other projects and feel safe in saying they will meet any company’s recycling needs.
John D. Brown
CIO, Pacific Alliance Medical Center
Homeboy Electronics Recycling:Homeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-14001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 Certified