Collection Events

Conservation at Your Location

Since 2011, we have provided turnkey e-waste collection events around Southern California, including community cleanups as well as employee and tenant engagement events.

These events are a great way to:

  • Give people a convenient and affordable way to responsibly dispose of e-waste
  • Augment your organization’s CSR activities
  • Raise awareness about keeping electronics out of landfills

Each event is tailored to the needs of our customers and can include hard drive shredding and/or document destruction in addition to electronic waste collection.

Depending on their scope, these events have costs associated with them, so fill out the form below to give us more details and to get a quote today!

Did You Know?

"Only 20% of e-waste generated globally is documented to be collected and recycled."

- UN University

E-Waste Collection & Document Shredding Event

We put on an annual event for residents and businesses of the City of West Hollywood. Thousands of people come to drop off e-waste and watch us shred their hard drives and paper documents. Each year this event diverts over 30,000 pounds of material from the landfill, keeping toxic substances out of the soil and reducing the need to mine or harvest new natural resources.

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