Second Lives for Your Devices

Put our skilled technicians to work evaluating your equipment to determine the reuse and resale potential of your existing IT assets with our IT asset remarketing or recovery service. Employing IT asset recovery allows you to maximize your value recovery—we can buy your IT assets from you or remarket your equipment on a consignment basis. Our team can also help you do right by the environment via extending the useful lives of your unneeded devices or harvesting useful components from obsolete equipment.

Please note we do not buy items from the public.

A different way to give

We know that some organizations like to donate their computers to a local school or charitable organization. We can support these efforts by refurbishing your electronic equipment and providing it to organizations or individuals along with a service warranty. As an added benefit, utilizing our IT asset recovery or IT asset remarketing service supports our job training program, improving digital literacy and inclusion.

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One of our customers was a mid-size hospital that was closing down. We worked directly with them, and an auction company, to liquidate their electronic assets; including servers, computers, and certain medical equipment. The revenue recovered from this process helped them wind-up operations in a cost-effective manner.

Value Recovered
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