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Our mail-in electronics recycling kits provide a convenient way to responsibly recycle from the comfort of your home or office. One transparent price includes shipping and R2-certified processing (including data destruction). And every kit purchased supports our social mission.  These kits are great for:

  • Home: tidying up or giving as a unique gift
  • Business: getting R2-recycling in remote areas or providing a standardized solution for offices and stores nationwide

Eligible Electronics for Mail-In


Laptops and accessories (keyboards, mice, etc.)

Networking Equipment

Modems, Switches, Routers, etc.

Mobile Devices

Cell Phones, iPads/Tablets, iPods/MP3 players, etc.

And Much More

Cords and Wire, Cable/Streaming Devices, Digital Cameras, Smart Home Devices, Hard Drives, etc.

We do NOT accept:

Loose Batteries

Alkaline, Li-ion, Ni-Cad, NiMH, Lead Acid (non-automotive)...

Biological/Medical Waste

Sharps, Medication, Hygiene, etc.

Light Bulbs / Lamps

Fluorescent Tubes, CFLs, LED, Incandescent...

Mercury-containing Equipment

Thermostats, Pressure/Vacuum Gauges, etc.

Hazardous Waste

Pressurized canisters, Paint, Chemicals, Oils, etc.


Car Parts, Power Tools, Solar Panels, etc.
Homeboy Electronics Recycling:
Homeboy Electronics Recycling: Los Angeles Green BusinessHomeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling Certified

Homeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-14001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 Certified
Homeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling Certified
Homeboy Electronics Recycling:Homeboy Electronics Recycling: Los Angeles Green Business

Homeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-14001 Certified