Government Electronics Recycling

Private and Public Sector Partnership

We are proud to serve a variety of public sector entities. We host municipal government electronics recycling, collection events, and shredding hard drives for state and federal agencies. Our team can also recover value from the surplus IT assets of public universities. Generally, we help to make sure electronics are responsibly recycled in our communities.

Homeboy Electronics Recycling is the ideal vendor and partner because we create social impact. We are here to help the public sector solve some of the most challenging problems faced by our society, including waste, pollution, and the lack of quality jobs for citizens returning from incarceration.

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We put on an annual event for residents and businesses of the City of West Hollywood. Thousands of people come to drop off e-waste and watch us shred their hard drives and paper documents. Each year this event diverts over 30,000 pounds of material from the landfill, keeping toxic substances out of the soil and reducing the need to mine or harvest new natural resources.



The County of Los Angeles created a “social enterprise” category of supplier diversity category, similar to the preference given to minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, small business, and disadvantaged business categories. This helps make sure that businesses like Homeboy Electronics Recycling, which go the extra mile in addressing public externalities, can compete on a level playing field.

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