Moving You Cross-Town or to the Cloud

Decommissioning your data center or office workstations? Relocating and redeploying your equipment? Take advantage of our IT decommissioning and/or business relocation service plans.

Think of us as an extension of your IT team and call on us during demanding times like these. We will help you manage the inventorying of equipment, device removal, and transportation. Furthermore, these are ideal times to think more broadly about IT asset disposition and data destruction. Bundling multiple services simultaneously can result in significant cost savings for you.

Moving is stressful enough, why not hand off some of the heavy lifting to the professionals with experience, know-how, and heart?

We’re the friend that never says no to helping you move. Request IT decommissioning or business relocation service today.



We supported a $2B+ Consumer Products company in closing data centers in two states and centralizing/relocating certain assets to a third data center. We sent project teams to de-rack equipment, pull and shred hard drives from servers, and log serial numbers for auditability. After helping relocate the reusable equipment, we took the obsolete equipment and harvested memory from the servers, significantly reducing the cost of the project.

Relocated, for less.
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