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Mailback Kits

Order, Pack, and Ship

Our mailback kits make recycling easy. One price includes packaging, shipping, processing, and certificates of recycling. Simply order, fill, seal, and ship with the prepaid shipping label, being careful not to exceed the maximum weight allowed. From routine maintenance to retrofit projects, these innovative kits save you time and money while keeping you in compliance with today’s changing regulations.

In particular, our clients use these kits as:

  • A standardized recycling solution across hundreds or thousands of different locations around the country
  • A cost-effective solution for isolated or remote offices

For more information on integrating mailback kits into your recycling plan, please request service today.




e-waste, cell phones, inkjet cartridges, etc.

Bulbs & Lamps

Linear and compact fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, lamp ballast, etc.


Alkaline, Lead acid, Lithium ion, NiCad, NiMH, etc.