Electronics Recycling – Media and Entertainment

Lights. Camera. Recycle.

We provide ITAD and electronics recycling services to the media and entertainment industries. Our downtown Los Angeles headquarters is in Hollywood’s backyard and we have a wealth of experience serving the unique needs of production companies and other media companies.

Our enterprise IT asset disposition solutions are a great fit for your corporate offices and data centers. In addition, our hard drive shredding service can accommodate sensitive dailies/outtakes as well as bulk media such as DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. (including that pile of Academy screeners). For studios and theme parks, we specialize in refurbishing and/or dismantling your unique equipment.

And if you are looking for just the right vintage or specialty electronic for your production project, look no further than our prop rental library.

Regardless, for all the storytellers out there, we’ve got a good one: a unique social enterprise committed to doing the most good possible with your electronics.

Request service here to receive a quote for our ITAD or electronics recycling services if your organization is a part of the media or entertainment industries.



We support a $30B+ media company in recycling equipment from their corporate offices, production facilities, and even a theme park. Our first goal is to refurbish as much as possible and our repair technicians have a field day working on the high-end audio/visual equipment. Whatever can’t be reused is dismantled to the component and commodity level and recycled responsibly.

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