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Recycle a Device. Impact a Life.

Ring is collaborating with Homeboy Electronics Recycling to provide certified mail-in electronics recycling and data destruction services for your Ring devices (and any additional applicable e-waste you may have around your home). 

Homeboy will help to responsibly recycle Ring devices and keep harmful e-waste out of landfills, all while creating quality jobs for people facing systemic barriers to employment and honoring Ring's commitment to data security. Together, we can help recycle devices in a manner that protects the environment, supports a local community and helps make a difference. 


Can I participate if I don’t have a Ring device? 
In the event you don’t have a Ring device, you can recycle your old electronics with the Homeboy mail-in recycling kits here

What happens to my recycled Ring device?
Homeboy will destroy all data-bearing chips of Ring devices without turning on the device or otherwise verifying whether the chips contain data. Homeboy will dismantle Ring devices into constituent components (e.g., circuit boards, batteries, camera assemblies) and/or materials (e.g., plastics, metals) for downstream material recovery, reflecting a certified and environmentally friendly disposal process for IT assets. 


Eligible Electronics for Mail-In


Laptops and accessories (keyboards, mice, etc.)

Networking Equipment

Modems, Switches, Routers, etc.

Mobile Devices

Cell Phones, iPads/Tablets, iPods/MP3 players, etc.

And Much More

Cords and Wire, Cable/Streaming Devices, Digital Cameras, Smart Home Devices, Hard Drives, etc.

NOT acceptable for Mail-In:

Loose Batteries

Alkaline, Li-ion, Ni-Cad, NiMH, Lead Acid (non-automotive)...

Biological/Medical Waste

Sharps, Medication, Hygiene, etc.

Light Bulbs / Lamps

Fluorescent Tubes, CFLs, LED, Incandescent...

Mercury-containing Equipment

Thermostats, Pressure/Vacuum Gauges, etc.

Hazardous Waste

Pressurized canisters, Paint, Chemicals, Oils, etc.


Car Parts, Power Tools, Solar Panels, etc.
Homeboy Electronics Recycling:Homeboy Electronics Recycling: R2 Responsible Recycling CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-14001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 CertifiedHomeboy Electronics Recycling: ISO-18001 Certified